BA 1st and 2nd Term Projects


1st-Semester Project: "Table Lamp"

This five-week project introduces the concept of giving form to abstract ideas. The goal was to design and build an LED-Lamp to suit a particular room. The characteristics and atmosphere of the chosen room were a major influential factor in the design of the lamp.

Living Room, Ruaah Altai, Nils Meyer

Living Room, Alena Doriat, Daniele Fluri

Office, Dijan Cager, Florian Dilfer

Living Room, Luisa Eick, Maja Fischlein

Office, Annette Auer, Sophia Burkardt

Living Room, Elena Eichinger, Theresa Ertl

Bedroom, Johanna Burgdorf, Nina Beßelmann

Bedroom, Kerstin Feck, Sophia Fichter

Teenagers Room, Marco Barbatano, Christina Bergmann

Teenagers Room, Nina Yvonne Beutler, Elisabeth Bader

Office, Madeleine Dollinger, Johann Eckkhart

Wintergarden, Patricia Berchtold, Clara Biersack

Bedroom, Lisa Dettenhöfer, Theresa Ehmer

Office, Franziska Decker, Alexandra Drax

2nd-Semester Project: "Handles"

The goal of this 14-week project was to create door handles which clearly express the function of the room behind the door. The formal characteristics and ergonomic handling were deliberately designed to awaken associations which identify the room and prepare the visitor for the specific usage.

Design Physiotherapy: Johannes Janson, Isabel Kwanka, Merle Neumann

Pathology: Nina Hack, Laura Hoffmann, Michael Skowronek, Raomon Ziereis

Photo Laboratory: Alexander Konther, Nina Gruner, Teresa Prahl, Anna-Maria Schwinghammer

Garden Gate: Gina Alberti, Miriam Schmidt, Stefan Dander, Nadine Zimmer

1st-Semester Project: "DIY Sledge"
This five week winter project developes the students creative and constructive skills - spending no more than €40 at a large do-it-yourself store, each team had to reuse and reform standard components to create an innovative sledge for two passengers. The resulting designs were tested on a field trip to the local skiing area.

2nd-Semester Project: "Killing the Box"

The goal of this 14-week project was to create new storage solutions which did not rely on rectilinear structurs. The students analysed their living situations, and developed individual answers to their specific problems.

 "The Season", Anna Derepasko, Frank Deißenberger


  "Kitchenfairy",  Lena Ellensohn, Julia Federhofer

"Clothing-Bars", Regina Dopler, Katharina Dechert

"Kitchen Wheel",  Isabell Bordne, Nicole Becher

1st-Semester Project: "Hands On"

This introductory 10-week project for the first semester aimed to create experimental door handles which clearly express the function of the room hidden behind the door. The formal characteristics were deliberately designed to awaken appropriate associations. This emotional interpretation stood in the foreground of this project.

Wine Cellar, Julia Fischer, Annika Gransow

Dressing Room, Ramona Ehrle, Amilia Golling

Workshop: Rebekka Gebauer, Sabine Göbel, Sofia Ferreira de Carvalho

Meditation Room: Vreni Baumann, Nathalie Becker

Loft: Franziska Forster, Annalena Gunkel

"Ellett" (public toilet): Nadja Doerfel, Fatma Yenice

"Selini" (spaceship): Philip Brüggemann, Mario Denzer

Wine Cellar: Sofiya Chuhuyevets, Inga Barsukova

Kitchen: Veronika Ablinger, Verena Birker

Wine Cellar: Andreas Falkner, Judith Glatzle

Library: Verena Bofinger, Regina Christ

Classroom: Regina Gutt, Nadina Doktor, Johanna Beck

Bedroom: Julia Fichtner, Hannah Graupp

Loft: Marlene Asenbeck, Silvia Blauhorn

Library: Mirjam Drechsler, Ramona Gruber

Bedroom: Iris Gomm, Magdalena Götten