2012 - MIXmediareise 10 | France

Power and Space I (Landscape)
Dozenten > PROF. LINN SONG

MIXmediareise 10 | Power and Space I (Landscape)
03.11. - 10.11.2012
Rosenheim * Vals * Firminy * Lyon * Lausanne * Rosenheim
Zumthor * Foster * SANAA * Le Corbusier * Jakob + Macfarlane * MVRDV * Fuksas * uvm...

Interventions of an InteriorArchitectural nature are about "staking claim" - about making "space" from "void," delineating territory, and controlling nature (people included). But, in order to maintain/defend our "claim" on/of the land, we invent narratives; (political) stories that attempt to embed us in time and place.

During this excursion we will be using the tools of cutting and framing to understand the relationships between spaces of landscape, both interior and exterior, and to create new narratives and altered perceptions of the places we visit and study.

Departure 03.11., um ca. 8:30.
Therme Vals (Peter Zumthor) Entry at 14:00 and 14:30
Late afternoon / early evening departure to Bern for overnight stay.

Departure Bern to St. Etienne, Frankreich - via Paul Klee Museum (Renzo Piano)
Arrival late afternoon in St. Etienne, France

Firminy (St. Pierre (Le Corbusier) & Unite d' Habitation (Le Corbusier))
Departure to Eveux (Kloster La Tourette (Le Corbusier)

06.11. und 07.11.
La Tourette

Departure to Lyon
we will visit several Projects

Return to Rosenheim
via Lausanne (Rolex Student Center (SANAA)) - Arrival ca 22:00