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Draw the Line

The line, one the most important representational elements used by InteriorArchitects is one that upon reflection is a strange and abstract (virtual) entity. If we begin to look at it philosophically, a line does not physically exist. It always has an „outline" / edge,  such that one could argue that is is always a shape or volume. In any case, we assume that it exists both physically and implicitly. That is, we can see e.g., drawn lines, but also perceive lines where they do not exist – through our „Gestalt" mechanism (completing shapes/figures) or through extensions of edges/corners through space. The line is an essential component of communication in two and three dimensional composition and we will be exploring the power of the line in a series of simple drawing exercises (which will improve your free-hand drawing skills) and more complex investigations in 2- and 3-D communication.

As a typical component of courses offered „through" the MIXstudio, we will also be engaged in a small service-learning project with a local club, designing and realizing large wall murals. Please note that this event will take up a couple of weekends and participation by all students is a requirement to passing the course.