2015 - FWPF SensesWorkingOvertime

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FWPF WiSe 2015 - SensesWorkingOvertime

Als Teil dieses FWPFs wird einer Workshop im Oktober im MIXstudio zusammen mit Professorin Tamie Glass von The University of Texas at Austin durchgeführt. Sie ist Innenarchitektin und Direktorin des dortigen Studiengangs und wird ausser des Workshops auch zwei öffentliche Vorträge über Projekte aus ihrem Büro sowie ihre aktuellen Forschungsthemen im Bereich "Gestaltung/Sozologie/Psychologie" halten.


Der Workshop ist auch für "Nicht-KursteilnehmerInnen" geöffnet.

Oct. 12 – 16: Workshop with The University of Texas at Austin (Prof. Tamie Glass)
Oct 01 – Dec 23: Development of sensory project

In western societies in general, and in design (and design education) in particular, we all too often fetishize the „visual" / that which can be seen. The term „aesthetics" refers to perception and all of the senses, rather than just the visual, as it is often exclusively applied/implied. Steen Eiler Rasmussen und Juhani Pallasmaa have written „classics" of architectural education in which the hegemony of sight/vision is criticized in favor of understanding and designing spaces and objects in terms of their influence on all of our senses. One anchor of this course will be a workshop, which will address „emotion" and psychology of space and objects that will be conducted during the week of October 12 – 16 with Prof. Tamie Glass from The University of Texas at Austin. The other anchor will be the development of a freely/personally defined „multisensory project" (object/space/installation/film/multi-media, culinary experience...???) in which you can experiment and explore the senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and their relationships to objects and spaces. Workshop language is primarily English. Course Language is German/English.