2016 - MIXmediareise 15 | VINTAGE

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MIXmediareise 15 | VINTAGE
Exkursion SoSe 2016 | Excursion Summer 2016
Sa., 30.04. - So. 08.05.2016

"VINTAGE": an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year; the output of a particular time; representing the high quality of a past time – a „classic"; of, imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past – „retro"...e.g., vintage clothing; being the best of its kind – „choice" - vintage Shakespeare; old-fashioned or obsolete."(http://www.thefreedictionary.com/vintage, 29.02.2016)

Oberhausen * Duisburg * Münster * Kalkriese * NL-Arnhem
See * Hear * Touch * Taste * Smell
Objects * Interiors * Exhibitions * Buildings * (Industrial) Landscapes
Drawing * Photography * Film
Workshop with Modulor Beat (http://www.modulorbeat.de/)

SANAA, OMA/Rem Koolhaas, Peter Zumthor, Gigon Guyer, Bolles-Wilson, Norman Foster, UNstudios, Gerrit Rietveld, and much more...

"Vintage" helps define much of what we will be seeing and contemplating during this week-long excursion. The focus will be the (former) industrial sites of the "Ruhrpott", a place that is full of vintage sites in almost all senses of the word...no wine-making :-(
Not only will we visit interesting exhibitions/museums (Gas-O-Meter, Red Dot, Kalkriese, etc.), interiors, new buildings, rejunevated areas, UNESCO protected industrial sites, and ride bikes through sand dunes in the middle of The Netherlands(?!) we will also be working with the award-winning office modulorbeat in Münster.

Eine kleine Reisefoto-Aufgabe (immer links nach rechts):
1 Vintage (representing the high quality of a past time – a „classic")
2 Verfall / Dilapidation
3 Innen / Interior
4 Temporär / Temporary
5 Material / Material
6 Muster / Pattern
7 Essen / Meal
8 Menschen / People
9 Reisen / Travel

X. Chen

C. Huber

J. Klinger

F. Opitz

T. Saller

J. Sherlock

Z. Strauss

S. Ullmayer