2017 - Food for Thought

Dozenten > PROF. LINN SONG

What Things Do

What do cooking and designing have in common? Food and architecture? In his book The Practice of Everyday Life, Vol. 2 Living and Cooking, the French historian and philosopher Michel de Certeau examines the importance of our everyday experiences and rituals and how these/we operate within the private (cooking, eating) and public (fabric of cities/neighborhoods) realms. More recently a handful of academics have ventured to assert that food and architecture can be seen together as a valid (scientific) field of research with many overlapping themes/topics that to some degree build upon de Certeau’s observations. In this course we will read, discuss, build and cook around the topics of process, materials, color, composition, texture, structure, space, regionalism, ritual, communication, identity, consumption, destruction (and more) – all of which can be applied to cooking/designing. Please note that on certain dates, the class will run longer than 18:45 due to group dinners in MIXstudio. Also note that small, financial contributions for the meals will be necessary, and that you should have a reasonable command of English since the readings and discussions will be exclusively in the English language.
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