2009- Food for Thought: John Humphries

Translations: from mud, or earth, or nothing
Dozenten > PROF. LINN SONG

Prof. John Humphries (Miami University, Ohio USA) ist am Dienstag, 09.06.09 im MIXstudio zu Gast.

Der Vortrag "Translations: from mud, or earth, or nothing" findet um 17:00 im E 016 statt. Siehe unten.

Ausserdem: Nach vorheriger Eintragung in der Liste (Tür zum MIXstudio B -105), steht Prof. Humphries an dem Dienstag Vormittag/Mittag für Korrekturen zur Verfügung.


Translations: from mud, or earth, or nothing.

The story of Pelops, son of Tantalus, is one of transformation, rebirth, deception, lust, and a haunted progeny. Pelops is a tragic figure linking the desires of Poseidon, the Peloponesian wars, and the tragedies of Agamemnon, his descendant. In modern usage, pelops is the root of something formed from the mud, or earth, or nothing. Presented will be original watercolour drawings, erratic sounds captured with wood and air, and seemingly non-sensical automatic poems.

With the appropriate technique or process:
image becomes text,
video is audio,
text becomes audio,
panorama shifts to automatic writing, then dialog
image leads to form,
form to narration,
deep rooted psychosis becomes opera.

This is the digital equivalent of industrial food production where nearly inedible corn can be translated into ethanol, xanthan gum, acoustical ceiling tiles, or chicken nuggets. The nutritional value of the process is yet to be determined or evaluated by the Ministry of Health.